Professor Phyllis Lee

Director of Science; AERP Researcher

Professor Phyllis Lee

Phyllis Lee has a chair in psychology at the University of Stirling, having been for many years a Reader at the University of Cambridge, UK. She has been carrying out field research on animal behaviour since 1975, and has been part of AERP since 1982. She has collaborated with a number of researchers working on forest and Asian elephants as well as primates from around the world. She is the author of one book, five edited volumes, 80+ primary journal publications, 45+ chapters in edited volumes. She works with conservation attitudes and community conservation projects, as well as human-wildlife interactions.

“Elephants form deep bonds with each other, which last for decades. Elephant survival is strongly affected by access to the social and ecological knowledge that older elephants hold; where to go, what to eat, how to avoid danger.”
- Dr. Cynthia Moss

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