Dr. Keith Lindsay

Collaborating Researcher

Dr. Keith Lindsay

Keith Lindsay is a conservation biologist and project manager with the Environment & Development Group (EDG) in Oxford, with over 30 years’ professional experience. He has undertaken or managed projects in biodiversity research and conservation, protected area monitoring and management, environmental assessment, land use planning, information systems and institutional analysis in the Middle East, South-East Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe, Canada and all parts of Africa. His involvement with elephants dates back to 1977, when he joined AERP. Beginning by building second-hand radio-collars and monitoring vegetation plots, his work led to MSc and PhD research projects on feeding ecology, habitat interactions and population demography, and more recently the analysis of ecosystem change with Geographic Information Systems. A past member of the African Elephant Specialist Group, he maintains his research interests in the conservation of African elephants, with particular reference to population management, ivory trade and welfare issues. Recently, he has worked on elephant conservation in relation to CITES – including the links between culling and financial aspects of the ivory trade, consultations by the South African government on culling policy in Kruger National Park and helping Kenya Wildlife Service develop its national elephant strategy.

“Elephants form deep bonds with each other, which last for decades. Elephant survival is strongly affected by access to the social and ecological knowledge that older elephants hold; where to go, what to eat, how to avoid danger.”
- Dr. Cynthia Moss

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